“What is Enlightenment?” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

What exactly is enlightenment, is it the same as whole brain functioning,or is it something else?

Maharishi: It is the whole brain functioning, but we add,fully-developed whole brain functioning. Full development of the brain can touch cosmic level of creativity of natural law. Cosmic level of creativity of natural law available to human awareness is the state of enlightenment.

In short we can have a glimpse of enlightenment in the conscious awareness of the source of thought, from where intelligence becomes creative intelligence, on that level is the level of enlightenment, on that level is the utilization or existence of total natural law. On that level the whole field of enlightenment is to make our awareness known to that level, the source of thought, so that any thought that rises has the total intelligence of natural law, that means cosmic level of natural law, in every thought.

Cosmic level of thought functioning is the functioning from the level of enlightenment, and that will mean absolutely no mistake, that is one thing, but absolutely all possibility lively in every thought. That is the state of enlightenment in which man will not make mistake, man will hit high, speaking, thinking, behaving, all those values from that fully enlightened awareness.

From there, I am the totality, all these exhortations about the supreme level of life, individual life a cosmic life–that is our strength, educating the people to become familiar with their own source of thought. That is the program of gaining enlightenment.

These groups of Vedic pandits, and these peace creating groups everywhere in the world, will be practicing that value, source of thought, which will capture total potential of creativity of natural law, and then the world will be a purified world.

All this dust and dark of dark ages will disappear, and a new world will be created. That is our field. We are expert in educating the people for enlightenment. All these procedures are very simple procedures, that is our strength to recreate an ideal world.


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