Adyashanti – Existential Unity

Published on Nov 15,

In unity, you are everything that exists. Everything, everything, everything. Whether it’s the farthest galaxy you can see or the next feeling or the next thought. Adyashanti explores how this recognition of unity releases you from clinging to any sense of identification, and how, as the opposites drop away, what remains is only what is.

Excerpted from “Beyond the Realms of Identity”:

Quotes from this Video:

“Everything I see, touch, taste, feel is me, but not as an ego because an ego is fixed. In this sense, you are the flux and flow of existence. And in that, there is no exclusivity; there’s nothing to be, there’s nothing to defend.”

“I see God in everything, everywhere, but only everything, everywhere. Nothing is outside. There is no otherness to God.”

“When you are what arises, the relationship, the duality collapses. You are no longer in relationship anymore.”


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